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Attracting a New Generation of Volunteers

In 2012 73% of individuals surveyed by the Millennial Impact Report volunteered for a nonprofit. This report also reveals that organizations that promote the involvement of this generation in volunteerism will be the most successful if specific Millennial preferences are addressed.

  • Opportunities follow a continuum of support: immediate and small to long-term
  • Offerings have a social connectedness component with like-minded peers
  • Options for “Serve Anywhere, Anytime” including online training and activities
  • Tell them up front how their time will be spent
  • Tell them up front the impact their time will have on the population served

Truisms for Millennials and volunteerism

  • Support the issue rather than the nonprofit
  • They want to become part of a community that is equally excited about a cause
  • They want to make a difference

Report findings of top turn-offs

  • 69% Believed their time was wasted as they did not find much to do
  • 60% Did not know what they were expected to do
  • 47% Experienced long in-person training sessions

What can a nonprofit do now to engage a Millennials time? Plan, communicate and engage! Develop meaningful, social and productive opportunities that follow a continuum of support.

    • Supportive Activism: impulsive and little time commitment
Contact Legislators
Share, Like, Sign
    • Young Professional Groups
Program delivery support
Fundraising efforts including Thank-a-thons
Review, provide feedback and make material contributions to your website and social media
    • Ongoing Leadership specifically for active mission-driven individuals
Advisory Board or Committees


A majority of Millennials are saddled with student loan debt and are looking for ways to use and develop their professional skills. They are not focused on material incentives but rather networking and gaining professional experience through nonprofits that address the causes for which they are passionate.

How does a nonprofit continue to engage and move a Millennial along the continuum of volunteer opportunities? Share the expected and realized outcomes of time spent volunteering and watch your cultivation efforts blossom.

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