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Engaging Social Identities

The 2013 Millennial Impact Report revealed strikingly important preferences regarding how and why  this generation, born between 1979 and 1994, wants to communicate and contribute both their time and money to nonprofits. Among the biggest take-aways,

  • Interactions are impulsive and immediate
  • Heavy reliance on peer influences to attend events, volunteer and donate
  • Willingness to raise money on your behalf through friends and family

Incorporating these insights into cultivation efforts means engaging in a virtual relationship with a social identity.  Millennials are the experts and nonprofits are catching up and keeping up.

Online Social Identities are actively constructed and typically represent a positive self-concept.  These identities are strongly influenced by affiliations with social groups including nonprofits. If I join a social network, “Friend” a nonprofit, “Share” news or posts or “Re-Tweet” a post, I do so knowing that this action further defines my online social identity.

Social IdentitiesFor a nonprofit, it is incredible important when developing online social media content that online social identities are given extraordinary consideration. One of the best indicators that you have engaged someone is through a Like, Share or Re-tweet. When drafting your email, blog, post or any online communication, keep the following Millennial preferences in mind.

  • Use success stories that link to longer articles
  • Invite the reader to Share, Like or re-Post
  • Lead with action oriented and interesting headlines
  • Allow graphics and pictures to outweigh text
  • Focus on educating first and donation requests once educated

The 2013 Millennial Impact Report revealed that on average Millennials actively follow and communicate with between 1 and 5 nonprofit organizations. Developing and retaining a strong social media presence will be the key to your organization being among the 5!

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