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OnTrac Office Hours | What have we learned so far?

This past year we launched a new program at Soft Trac called OnTrac. As a component of OnTrac, we have been hosting monthly Office Hour remote sessions with our customers to discuss questions they may have about their Abila software. It has been great to meet with customers in an informal way as well as provide opportunities for them to network with other users. As we have been running the program for a while now, we thought it would be a good time to step back and get some feedback from our customers on what they have enjoyed most about the program and how they would like to see it evolve.

At our last session, we had attendees with a staggering range as to years that they have been using Abila MIP Fund Accounting. Some had only been using MIP for a few years while others were into the double digits with the longest user having worked with the software for seventeen years. We are excited to see users of all levels finding value in our OnTrac Office Hour sessions. 

We recently reached out to some of the attendees and asked them for feedback on the program. Here is what some of our customer's had to say about OnTrac's Office Hours:

What did you find most helpful about the OnTrac Office Hours session?

"Having a session curtailed to issues you may be having has been very helpful.  Also others who are attending the meeting may have some advice on some issues you may be having or you may know of some tips or tricks to help others."

"I find it quite helpful to have that connection with other users.  It's nice to hear that others may have the same issues that you are experiencing and also a great way to get feedback on fixes and tricks that others have been able to put together."

"The other great thing about this is that I can find an hour in my work day to log in to a session where it would be more difficult to find a half a day to attend a similar type event away from the office."

What did you learn during the OnTrac Hours session?

"I have learned something at each session.  The budgeting review was very helpful. Reviewing tips & tricks was also helpful."

"While I've been using MIP for many years now, over the last few I have gotten away from being on top of changes to the software, etc. relying on other staff members to keep up with that and report back.  I'm learning that was a mistake and that I am missing a lot of helpful features, so this is also a good way to help me get "caught up" if you will."

What content would you like to see in future sessions?

"Any ways of improving the process in MIP.  We are currently trying to do as much as we can electronically. I’ve begun scanning and attaching invoices, bank statements. This has proven to be helpful, having it available in MIP when you need it."

"Maybe more on different reports that we can generate or maybe something on how we can use other software options to help us better use all features of MIP."

Please join us for our next session. You can register for the session via this LINK ›. Remember to include any questions or areas of  MIP that you would like to discuss during the remote session.

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