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Latest MIP Modern UI Enhancements are a Big Deal!

MIP Modern UI

The MIP version 2022.2 upgrade to the MIP Cloud Modern UI was completed last weekend and includes some game-changing improvements.
The improvements can be categorized as applicable to all MIP Modern UI users and those who own the MIP Payroll Module.


All users benefit from

  • Ability to select your Favorite Reports and then display or run them from the Dashboard

MIP Moder UI Board

You might even create a new Dashboard of just your Favorite Reports!

MIP Modern UI

  • Alt+F5 and Alt+F6 keyboard shortcuts are available to copy a single field or an entire row when working in transaction grids.

Payroll and Direct Deposit modules with the following enhancements

  • Ability to quickly add new employees and edit employee information online
  • Timesheets can be added and edited in bulk or individually at-a-glance
  • Resend payroll emails and vouchers with greater customization of email templates

MIP Modern UI

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

We are also excited to announce that MFA will be made available to a group of customers preselected by Community Brands. In the coming weeks, MFA will be activated for remaining customers, please stay tuned for upcoming announcements.