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How do you like to get the answers to your questions?

In our internet rich world it has never been easier to get the answers to any questions that you may have, but because of the copious amount of information available it is not always quick. I have spent way too many hours searching key words and Questionsearch terms to help answer a question that I could have probably figured out faster on my own. The other issue I often encounter is getting too many answers to my question, and having to weed through to determine what I feel is the best response. To help get the answers you need efficiently and quickly, it is important to not only be able to focus your search but also to understand how you want to get your questions answered. 

What is the scope of your question?

Are you completely overwhelmed on a topic and looking for a full training session that can show you beginning to end how to use a particular software or complete a specific task?

Or, do you just have one or two specific questions and need a quick, targeted response?

How do you want to get an answer to your question?

Are you a visual learner? Do you want someone to show you step by step how to do a particular task? Where to go… how to videos, webinars, and classroom training.

Do you prefer to read instructions with each step in the process outlined so that you can follow along? Where to go… help manuals, how to guides, and knowledgebase articles.

Would you like to dive in and try to resolve your questions with trial and error but still need occasional assistance to point you in the right direction? Where to go… online help, contextual help, and support lines.

Is talking to someone directly more helpful? Where to go… support lines, website chat sessions, and online help sessions.

Maybe you prefer collaboration and discussion as a group to help review options so you can determine the best solution for you moving forward. Where to go… user group meetings, online group sessions, and discussion boards.

Whatever your learning style, understanding where to go to quickly and efficiently to find the answers you need to key questions is critical to save time and expedite your learning. 

Soft Trac has launched OnTrac as a way to provide answers to our customers. We have structured it to complement the other services that we already offer. OnTrac aims to address targeted answers through short how to videos as well as monthly Office Hour meetings, which offer the opportunity to ask questions directly to one of our consultants or of your peers. These monthly Q&A sessions also provide a chance to collaborate with other users and get insight as to how they are using the system. Please join us for our next session. More information can be found via this OnTrac Link ›.

We're always trying to improve how we help our customers and would love to hear how you prefer to get answers to your questions to ensure we are offering the right resources. Please feel free to comment below and let us know!

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