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Q&A Time | HealthReach talks about Drillpoint Reports

ReportingDrillpoint Reports is now available as a module add for MIP Fund Accounting Customers.  Drillpoint Reports allows users to create simple as well as more complex financial reports within user friendly MS-Excel via seamless integration with MIP.

Soft Trac already has existing MIP customers successfully using Drillpoint Reports with their MIP software.  Today we are going to profile one of Soft Trac's MIP Fund Accounting customers and a happy Drillpoint Reports user.

HealthReach Community Health Centers › mission statement reads:

"To provide high quality, affordable, patient-centered healthcare in the medically underserved communities of Central and Western Maine." 

They have been using Abila MIP Fund Accounting since 2011 and added Drillpoint Reports to their system in 2012.  We talked with Michele McCarthy, a Senior Financial Analyst at the organization and the primary user of Drillpoint Reports.

1)  What prompted you to purchase Drillpoint?

We needed an interactive report that we could easily publish and make available to managers across the state that would allow them to review and report on budget to actual variances on a monthly basis.

2)  How many people at your organization use Drillpoint and what are their job functions?

We have 11 practice managers throughout central and western Maine that use Drillpoint each month.  In addition, there 5 senior managers that also use these reports.

3)  How easy is it to create custom reports with Drillpoint?

Fairly easy for anyone comfortable with report design software.

4)  How many reports have you created with Drillpoint?

Multiple variations of 3 core reports.

5)  Is there a particular report that you have found especially useful in Drillpoint?

All of our reports are based on the P&L.  I have also created modified trial balances and this is the only software that will allow me to create an accurate cash flow.

6)  Who views the reports that you create in Drillpoint?


7)  What is your favorite feature of the software?

The ability to combine realtime data from Abila with Excel formula capabilities. 

8)  What is the biggest value have you found by using Drillpoint?

The biggest value is the time saved by being able to create a report that addresses a specific need and then to be able to just save it and then refresh the report as data values change.  Managers don’t have to wait another month for an updated report.  They can have it whenever they need it.  It is also much simpler for them to use.

9)  Is there anything you don’t like about the software?

It is a little difficult to get functioning correctly in a terminal server environment, but it can be done.

10)  Would you recommend Drillpoint Reports to other MIP users and why?

I would recommend this to anyone who finds themselves dumping data to Excel in order to manipulate and present data in ways that Abila can’t.   Drillpoint is a much more efficient way to handle those kinds of data needs.

Here are some links to additional informaiton on our webiste related to Abila MIP Fund Accounting › and Drillpoint Reports ›.

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