The choice is in MIP.

Comprehensive and scalable, MIP Fund Accounting is available in your choice of deployment, based on your organization’s unique needs. Best of all — you have the freedom to switch if/when you are ready or your needs evolve.

With more than 30 years as the industry leader for fund accounting, we are continuing to expand MIP as a truly innovative, best-in-class solution. Built from the ground up specifically for the modern nonprofit.



MIP Cloud

Organizations that choose MIP Cloud:

  • Are already in the cloud or ready to move
  • Prefer a web-based, modern UI
  • Have reliable internet connectivity
  • Support staff that are in multiple locations
  • Desire anytime, anywhere access
  • Prefer to pay a single monthly subscription
  • Do not have full-time IT staff, or prefer lessened IT overhead

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MIP On-Premises

Organizations that choose MIP:

  • Require an on-premises accounting system because of IT policies
  • Support staff that are primarily co-located
  • Prefer to pay up front with annual maintenance and support
  • Have in-house or contracted IT staff
  • Prefer to maintain control of product upgrades

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