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Financial Statements

Advanced Topics

Organize, expand and present your Financial Statements in an entirely new way. Extend your current financial statement knowledge by incorporating the use of Report Groups and Custom Columns.

You don’t need to roll up segment accounts in Excel to present financial different formats, even your GL segment! Learn how to create Report Groups whose Group Sets can become columns in your Combining Statements, super filters, or a replacement of financial statement Formats. Learn how to create additional Custom Columns based on a date for comparing more than two periods or a formula based on existing columns.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Create Report Groups to be used as filters
  • Use Report Groups to replace your Items by Page or Format
  • Create Custom Columns based on a formula or date

Prerequisites: Financial Statement reporting, or an understanding of the basics of building financial statements

Method: Web - Live Remote Session 


Time: 1hr

Cost: $195.00


Advanced Financial Statements