Millennials Impact on Philanthropy: Connect, Involve, Evolve

Millennials were born between 1979 and 1994 and number between 80 and 90 million strong. They are the driving force behind cultural change and affect everything we do from fundraising and volunteering to social media. Understanding, planning and making changes today to engage this generation will significantly contribute to a nonprofits success in the present and the future.
Four years of trends and findings from the Millennial Impact Report are summarized with specific changes you can make today to connect, involve and evolve with this generation. Attendees will discover:

• How Millennials prefer to learn about your cause
• Why they give and how to retain them
• “Must haves” for your website pages
• Preferred communications and content
• How to cause advocacy and volunteerism

Presented by Jeron Comeau, Nonprofit Consultant with Soft Trac LLC. Jeron brings more than 25 years of professional experience working for or with nonprofits with a special emphasis on fundraising and technology. She is also an active and innovative blogger for Soft Trac LLC. Jeron’s vast experience includes 10 years with Blackbaud, Inc. as Customer Sales Manager and New England Account Executive, and Director of Development, Membership, Volunteers and Special Events within the arts and social service communities in the greater Boston Area.

Cost: Free