Why Choose Soft Trac as your Nonprofit Consultant

Soft Trac believes that the services provided to a community by the staff and volunteers of nonprofits exemplify all that is good in people. We also know that every dollar counts and that the nonprofits who are able to do the most in their community are those who carefully manage their funds and donors. As a leading nonprofit consulting firm, Soft Trac offers a range of solutions created especially for this diverse market.

Soft Trac helps nonprofit organizations 'do good better'. Here are 15 reasons why not-for-profits and governmental agencies choose Soft Trac:

  1. Soft Trac DEDICATES 100% of its resources to serving the needs of the nonprofit community. There are many great software service providers, we even know a few, but Soft Trac is one of a few who dedicates themselves solely to serving the nonprofit community.
  2. For Soft Trac, it is PERSONAL. Everyone from the top down has a passion for helping nonprofits ‘do good better’.  
  3. Soft Trac LISTENS.  We are the only service partner that we know of that has an active Customer Advisory Board (CAB).
  4. Soft Trac is EXPERIENCED. Our staff has an extensive background working in and for the nonprofit community.  
  5. We are EXPERTS on the software we sell. Soft Trac’s consultants are not only certified consultants, but are certified trainers, which means they have spent many hours learning the software, recertify annually, and can provide you with quick detailed responses to your questions.
  6. Soft Trac partners with only BEST-IN-CLASS SOFTWARE publishers. When we are approached by a software vendor or seeking one out, we always make certain that their software will serve the needs of our client base.
  7. For Soft Trac, it is not about software, it is about providing SERVICE. We are there for you every step of the way. From the installation and implementation of the software program to providing ongoing learning opportunities. We are here for you.
  8. We COORDINATE the process for you. The services and the solutions Soft Trac provides help you streamline your processes so you can focus on achieving your mission.
  9. We understand that people have different learning styles. That is why we offer an array of different methodologies to TRAIN your staff. We can come to your site, have you come to our classroom or provide training remotely. It is up to you.
  10. We STAY IN TOUCH. We join nonprofit associations, send you notices via email and call for a variety of reasons throughout the year.
  11. Soft Trac’s management team is ACCESSIBLE. Have a question or just having a bad day, call Darla anytime.
  12. Soft Trac incorporates your VISION into the outcome of every project.
  13. Soft Trac will ANALYZE your needs and customize the solution for you based on your organization’s requirements.
  14. TEAMWORK is not just a buzzword at Soft Trac.  Our highly trained staff collaborate with each other, when necessary, to ensure the outcomes we promised.
  15. FORWARD THINKING. Soft Trac always seeks out new ways in which we can improve or serve or offer new technologies that help our nonprofit customers.  

Our solutions include best-in-class software:why choose soft trac

We also offer a range of complementary solutions, such as Acom Solutions Document Management, Microix Workflow modules, as well as custom reporting tools.

If you need a firm who understands your issues, can provide the right solution, who continually invests in training and certifications of its staff, who are friendly and treat your staff professionally, then look to Soft Trac for your technology and consulting needs.