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Abila Blog
Sharpening Your Skills Comes…
Summer is fully here, with this past Tuesday being the longest day of…
The Costco Effect Part 2:…
What is it about Costco that keeps members coming back for more? Is it…
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Intacct Blog
Planned Gifts Don’t Go Bump…
Somewhere, hiding under beds and in closets, lurk the creatures that…
7 Ideas For Multi-Channel…
You know your donors go online, use social media and read and respond to…
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Orange Leap Blog
How Fundraising for Nonprofits…
A Review of The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s New…
Big Data, What’s the Big…
This is the first in the series of blog posts about Big Data and…
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At Soft Trac we take pride in providing best-in-class fund accounting and fundraising solutions tailored to fit for your organization’s needs.

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News about Soft Trac's achievements, new employees, and other important information about Soft Trac.

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Client Services

A library of Client Services that Soft Trac offers it current and future clients.

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User Groups

Soft Trac User Group meetings give our customers a chance to learn the latest news about their nonprofit software and services that Soft Trac offers.

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Nonprofit Resource

A library of links to help Nonprofit Organizations

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Soft Trac provides many opportunities for you and your staff to learn. We facilitate user group meetings, offer orientation workshops for new users, and provide “tips and tricks” on our blog.

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Stay informed! Find out the latest in nonprofit technology.