Abila Fundraising 50

Designed for ease of use and affordability, Abila Fundraising 50 (formerly Sage FR 50 and Paradigm) offers supreme value for growing organizations that need a fundraising software workhorse to:

  • Streamline administrative processes
  • Eliminate wasted time and money
  • Provide the query and reporting tools required to analyze and communicate results
  • Securely process payment (through seamless integration with Abila Payment Solutions)

Abila Fundraising 50 supports all core traditional fundraising tactics and outreach programs, including volunteer, member and event management. Everything you need is included; there are no additional modules to buy.

Designed specifically for growing nonprofits, Abila Fundraising 50 is easy to learn, understand, and use effectively. An intuitive interface and timesaving tools minimize the learning curve. The system is easy to install and maintain without an IT staff or consultants - making it affordable to own and use.

Abila Online

Buying the Bundle, or Just What You Need

With Abila Online, you can get any Abila Nonprofit and Government product that you need in a hosted format. However, if you use even just one other Abila nonprofit product in the same online format, you can start to enjoy significant price savings per user by purchasing the complete nonprofit bundle.

The full Abila Online suite includes:

Abila MIP Fund Accounting ›
Abila Fundraising 50 ›
Abila Fundraising Online ›
Abila Grant Management ›

Abila Online provides an end‐to‐end, cloud‐based solution for fund accounting, grant management and fundraising at a single price per user per month.

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Abila FR 50