Abila Payroll

This nonprofit payroll module gives you a powerful tool to track employee service efforts, easily produce a timely and accurate nonprofit payroll and generate fully distributed accounting entries.

Flexible Nonprofit Payroll Production

  • Comprehensive employee records—Maintenance of detailed profiles of your employees including pay information, demographics, emergency contacts, review dates, and performance notes is simple. Managers can group employees by pay cycle or department to facilitate nonprofit payroll production, distribution, and reporting. This module also attaches key employee information such as I-9, W-4, and performance evaluations to individual records for centralized record-keeping.
  • Save time with timesheet templates—Timesheet templates are stored to simplify detailing payroll codes for each employee. Your nonprofit payroll can be processed directly from the template information or used as a starting point for current timesheet entry. There are fast entry tools to assist in generating your payroll with ease.
  • Flexible payroll accounting codes—An unlimited number of customized nonprofit payroll codes can be created for earnings, benefits, deductions, worker's compensation, leave, and more. You design payroll codes to meet the needs of your organization, from leave-accrual policies to compensation plans.
  • Automatically allocate labor costs—The nonprofit payroll module allows you to easily record the hours worked in each program and department during timesheet entry so your costs are accurately distributed in the general ledger. Users have a choice to distribute earnings by percentages, dollar amounts or units. And fringe benefits and taxes can be allocated using the same criteria or their own separately-defined criteria.

Nonprofit Payroll Tax Processing Made Easy

  • Tax Forms and eFiling by Aatrix® allows you to print federal and state tax forms straight from the preview screen onto blank paper, or eFile using this fully integrated system.
  • More than 250 approved payroll forms for all 50 states, including 941, W2, E6, and NYS45 are available, and the Payroll module automatically fills the forms with the correct data for review.
  • Changing information on the forms is a breeze, as the system allows for on-screen editing of the actual tax forms.
  • Choose the best filing method for your organization and employees: print to blank, pre-perforated paper; use Click and Forget eFiling; and more!

Powerful Nonprofit Payroll Reporting Options

  • Federal, state and local tax reporting—With the use of tax worksheets, summary tax reports, and detailed tax accumulation histories, the module facilitates tax tracking and reporting in your organization’s nonprofit payroll.
  • Track and report labor hours and associated earnings across projects, grants, programs, and other dimensions and easily generate reports for auditors in one easy-to-read nonprofit payroll report.
  • Generate W-2’s—Users can produce paper and magnetic media W-2 filings directly from the system. W-2’s may be generated anytime after the end of the calendar year.
  • Complete history tracking—An unlimited number of payroll years is kept online for easy research on nonprofit payroll issues. There are many history-report options available for use of preconfigured reports or creating your own.

Fully Integrated with other Abila MIP Fund Accounting Modules

  • Offer employees Direct Deposit—Give employees the convenience of electronically deposited pay by using the Direct Deposit module.
  • Control cash with Bank Reconciliation—Nonprofit payroll checks and vouchers are easily cleared through the Bank Reconciliation module.
  • Need a unique check layout or want to use auto-signatures? For full customization options add the Forms Designer module and create secure custom layouts for your printed checks and vouchers.
  • Need to interface with other critical systems? Import timekeeping information and other critical nonprofit payroll data and export reports using Abila MIP Fund Accounting's Data Import/Export module.
  • Need advanced Human Resources functionality? Move up to Abila Software Abra Suite for Payroll and Human Resources.

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