Nonprofit Education

Soft Trac supports and fosters a learning culture for nonprofits and governmental agencies by providing venues and opportunities to support and facilitate the growth of people through their own processing of information into knowledge, values and skills. Soft Trac provides for:

  • Classroom training, real-time learning and custom training in a format that best fits an individual’s learning style.
  • Quarterly user group meetings where people can share information with their peers.
  • Regular “how to” articles posted on Soft Trac’s Nonprofit Blog
  • Webinars and special events of interest to nonprofits and governmental employees

“Our Soft Trac training session went very well.  We were able to get all of our
questions answered. We especially liked how our instructor helped
us compile screen shots that we could use for later reference.”

MaryEllen Lowes
Senior Accountant
YMCA of The North Shore

Nurturing Non profit growth